Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Place to Belong

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One of the needs of the human spirit, right up there with shelter and food, is the need to belong to a group. We need to feel connected to others and know that we have common interests and dreams. Many of us have found fulfillment in some areas of our lives by belonging to different kinds of groups: churches, fraternities, circles, clubs, and more.

But for those of us whose souls are sweetly stalked by stories asking to be told and heard, we need to belong to a community of people with like passion. We long for that communion with others who understand the drive to not just tell stories, but also the need to carefully craft a tale.

For some of us, we don’t need to tell the stories so much, but we do need to hear the stories and learn more about ourselves through that listening. We want to be taken away through words to strange and wonderful lands and come safely home again.
Did we just describe you? Are you a teller, a listener, or perhaps both? Do you need a community of story tellers and seekers to give you that fellowship of living life beyond just the moment?

We have that community for you. The Florida Association of Storytellers (FSA) is comprised of storytellers, story listeners and story lovers.  We are people just like you, brought together by story.

The mission of the FSA is:
·         to preserve, perpetuate and promote the art of storytelling in Florida,
·         to educate, nurture and welcome new storytellers,
·         to preserve our cultural and personal history through story,
·         to bring storytelling to new audiences, and
·         to encourage cross-cultural sharing through story.

Are you hearing the call to belong to such a group? If so, you can become a member of FSA and fulfill that need to be connected to folks who understand your story.

If you would like to join FSA, you will benefit in ways more than just the crucial drive to belong. Please take a quick look at the list of Benefits of Membership on our website and then, come on, join! This is where you belong.

Wanda Violet

Photo Courtesy Google Image