Monday, January 30, 2017



Can you hear it?

The word is out and is blowing in the breeze whispering to you that the 33rd Annual Florida Storytelling Festival is coming to life. Tellers are coming from far and wide, as are attendees, a.k.a. listeners. Stories are simmering on the burners of those tellers’ stoves and will come to full done-ness on the stage at Mt. Dora, making for a wonderful feast for all to enjoy.

The Florida Storytelling Association (FSA) Board of Directors and the Festival Director have all been busy getting the ducks in a row for the event.  If you have attended very many storytelling events, you know that the FSA hosts one of the most exciting, rich events anywhere. With the dynamite main stage, the Florida tellers, the Youthful Voices, the many workshops and open-mic events, you will be overwhelmed with opportunities to participate and to listen.

Join us starting Thursday, March 30, and stay for as many events as you can all the way through Sunday, April 2. While we don’t know which session will be your favorite, we do know that you will leave with some stories to tell!

Visit for workshop descriptions, a complete schedule, and much more!