Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Six Is Better Than One

Six Is Better Than One

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Do you have a favorite number? Is the number seven your lucky number? How about three? This year at the Florida Storytelling Association (FSA) we have a favorite number, too. The number is 33. Yes, that’s right. We love the number 33 because it is, including this current festival, the number of festivals that we have produced and enjoyed with many of you. Remember when it was called “camp”? Yes, storytellers gathered together and camped out telling stories. Now, we have a new atmosphere at our festival as provided by the historic Lakeside Inn. Oh, the stories that beautiful hotel on the lake could tell.
On March 30th, we gather with our featured presenters, Tim Lowry, Jessica McCune, Lyn Ford, Pat Nease and Windell Campbell for a full and fun weekend of stories, workshops, and concerts. If you join us this year, you will be so glad you did.

So register today!  And, for those who preregister, we have a great treat for you! While everyone who buys the weekend package at the door receives a complimentary raffle ticket that is entered in the drawings for the amazing door prizes, if you register by Wednesday night at midnight, you will get a bonus gift of five, yes five, additional raffle tickets that you can use to enter any of the four major door prizes. Think about it, by getting your tickets early, you will have five more chances to win one of the following:
1.     One year membership to the National Storytelling Network
2.     2017 National Storytelling Festival Registration
3.     Bountiful Basket of Story-telling books and resources
4.     2018 Florida Storytelling Festival Registration

Of course you could have purchased those five extra raffle tickets like everyone else when you arrived, but by registering early, you will already have a total of SIX free raffle tickets to use in ANY of the four drawings. Pretty cool!

So, take a moment now and register for the festival. You can register and prepay at

And, who knows, 33 just might be your lucky number.

See you at the 33rd Annual Florida Storytelling Association Festival!