Friday, August 25, 2017

Who-whoo Is Ready for Spooky Tales?

Schools all over the country are back in session, and even though some regions have yet to feel a break in the temperature, our hearts know that fall is arriving soon in all its cool and colorful splendor.

 Picture credit, Google Images
As a storyteller, the thoughts of upcoming autumnal telling opportunities are perhaps nudging you to consider some tales appropriate for the season. That, of course, means having a story or three or more ready for Halloween. While you may already have some favorites, or maybe some of you don’t, it is still a good time to ponder this genre with more clarity and vision. The September/October, 2016 issue of FSA’s e-magazine, “Inside Story” has some helpful hints as you prepare to get spooky.

In her article “Got Grimm’s?” Ingrid Nixon encourages you to look again at Grimm’s fairy tales and consider a few things:
  1. Picking up a book of their tales and reading will be a great place to start.
  2. Know a bit of history of the tale that you select and see how time and tradition have modified it.
  3. Find what truths that scary image and its actions are telling us.
  4. Have fun as you thoughtfully examine them and give them your own twist. 

Before you close the e-magazine, be sure to check out the other helpful and entertaining articles.

  • If you do, you will find out how Janice Del Negro “excavates and decorates the bones of traditional folk and fairy tales.”
  • Shhh, grab your oil lantern and keep your ears open for some scary hoof beats coming down the gravel paths of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Linda Schuyler Ford’s lovely tour of those haunted grounds and the stories buried there.
  • Oh, and finally, if you are telling to teens, you will want to know which urban legend was voted most popular by teenagers.

All this and more in that packed issue of “Inside Story”.  So, pour yourself a hot brew and be sure to lock your doors while you read.

Happy Halloween and Happy Spooky Tales Telling to you!